Supporting Black Business

For Sellers, Urban Business Directory Will Help You…

Build your Brand. Grow your Business. Expand your Network.

Urban Business Directory is not your average online listing site. We support Black business. Our goal is to connect consumers to black owned businesses, independent contractors and entrepreneurs. Urban Business Directory is a team of Digital Marketing experts who market businesses and help drive traffic to website and social media channels. We invest our time and money into other companies and brands through content marketing and campaigns such as SEO enriched blog content, paid search and paid social campaigns.

Urban Business Directory is a network that enables success, wealth, positivity and increased visibility for black-owned businesses. When we invest in ourselves, we invest in our future. Take advantage of the many benefits of marketing your business with the Urban Business Directory.

For Consumers, Urban Business Directory Will Help You…


We provide consumers with the chance to support black business owners. A general contractor, a hair stylist, a doctor or real estate agent and more  you name what you need. We have the business or we will find it for you! Supporting the community is our passion so we want to provide an avenue for all people to buy black. Due to lack of funding and COVID-19 economic hardship, black businesses have suffered at a much higher rate compared to white and other non-minority owned businesses. We want to help revive the economy, but more specifically, revive the black economy. You can find everything you need HERE at Urban Business Directory. Explore our comprehensive list of black owned businesses.

  • Social Media Marketing: Social media profiles are included in listings and our team will feature your business on our social accounts.
  • Brand Awareness: Show your target customers who you are by showcasing your brand.
  • Lead Generation: Customer can email you directly through your business listing contact form
  • Paid Advertising: Get a top spot on Google or when users search for services or reach your target audience on Facebook,
  • Networking: Connect with business owners, entrepreneurs and independent contractors across our vast network
  • SEO: Increase your rankings on Google through strategic listing optimization


Our team of SEO specialists will help increase your search engine ranking position through strategic SEO tactics.

Brand Awareness

Connect with potential customers by illuminating your brand. We provide a platform for you to showcase your brand.​

Paid Advertising

We launch targeted search and social campaigns that increase your social media engagement and website traffic.

Lead Generation

Add a lead form to your listing to communicate with potential customers. We help you form new business relationships.​


Connect with potential customers by illuminating your brand. We provide a platform for you to showcase your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Drive traffic to your social media from your listing. Get the likes you want and the engagement you need to grow your business.


Your investment matters so we provide you with business listing performance data and metrics for you to view in your Dashboard.


Increase your marketing efforts and credibility by adding photos to showcase your work and products.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with your customers and the community by adding upcoming in-person and virtual events.

Join Our Network of Black-Owned Business!

The Urban Business Directory is growing fast so don’t miss your chance to stand out among the crowd. List your business, service, product or skill today. It’s simple to setup, easier to manage and even more gratifying to see your business grow at warp speed. Be competitive and showcase what you have to offer to potential customers.  Create your business listing today!

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