Afro Unicorn – From a Business to a Brand to a Movement

Representing positivity, joy, hope, pride and diversity, the idea of the unicorn helps us make sense of the world and empower us to push our imaginations to its greatest capabilities. Unicorns are unique and associated with a vibrant imagination and a sense of wonder, which is why it’s so fitting for it to be a illustration for Afro Unicorn – an online collection of unicorn themed fashion, apparel and products that that has growing into a powerful movement that empowers women of color.

The Afro Unicorn™ Vision

Owner and brand founder, April Showers had a dream to create and build a positive-driven line of apparel that perfectly reminds women of color how unique, divine and magical they truly are – just like a unicorn. Through her powerful message, clothing and accessories, her goal behind the designs that feature an ‘afro unicorn’ was to be a constant reminder of how special the wearer is and how much impact they have on the world.

Afro Unicorn has a diverse collection of products featuring t-shirts, swimsuits, dresses, bags, and even beach towels, all of which fully equips the its customers with all the magical powers they need to go out and be a trailblazer; setting the trends and living their best lives.

It’s a Movement

Just as founder April Showers always imagined, the purpose of Afro Unicorn hasn’t stopped at fashion and lifestyle. It has become a platform, a community of people from all walks of life. A place for people of color to be connected, empowered, elevated, and supported on their professional and personal journeys; providing a safe space for them to flourish.

As a visionary, April also dedicates her time offering business development services for other growing brands and entrepreneurs. From workshops to e-books to audio books and one-on-one consultations, she offers her knowledge of how to build a successful business to others to pave a clearer pathway to securing multiple streams of income. Through Afro Unicorn, April successfully transformed her brand into a community, attracting over 17,000 engaged, loyal Instagram followers turned Afro Unicorn tribe. Her sense of empowerment when it comes to building a network is inspirational for so many and her iconic brand has garnered endless interest across the nation, even from the likes of celebrities and social media influencers.

The biggest and greatest achievement, however, is that Afro Unicorn has changed lives. Representation matters. Babies, little girls, and women can proudly and unapologetically flaunt their Afro Unicorn merchandise, go to Instagram and see beautiful brown and black Unicorns that look like them, and happily declare that they are ‘unique, magical and divine.’

Join the Movement – Support this Black Women-Owned Business

Step into the world of Afro Unicorn and proudly support a brand that supports you. There’s magic in the melanin so embrace your Afro Unicorn. Whether you prefer rocking a hoodie, t-shirt, phone cover or even a soft toy unicorn, head over to the Afro Unicorn website, choose your preferred shade from the vanilla, caramel and mocha complexion, then instantly feel represented and a part of a movement that will only continue to grow bigger, gain more influence and make a long-lasting impact within the community.

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