Secure Your Business and Personal Finances. Hire an Expert.

Secure Your Business and Personal Finances. Hire an Expert.

Gather Your 1099 or W2 – We Have the Perfect Tax Expert and Bookkeeper for You! Business 101 – every business owner should know their numbers in order to build a strong business foundation. Figeroux Bookkeeping Services specialize in maintaining accurate business financial records, balancing budgets, auditing and finding opportunities for businesses and individuals to maximize their tax refund. Their team of experts allow you more time to focus on building your brand rather than crunching numbers.

Whether it is accounting, bookkeeping, tax prep or assisting with the setting up of your company, no matter how simple or complicated, their services will provide you with more money and breaks and less worry and headaches. It’s important to find a trustworthy, meticulous company when providing access to highly-sensitive and confidential information and Figeroux Bookkeeping Services are the RIGHT experts to manage your financial portfolio.

A Business for All

There are numerous bookkeeping packages offered for different level of businesses or : starter, venture, enterprise, corporate and custom. Once you decide which package fits your business, the Figeroux Bookkeeping team will create a tailor made solution so they can provide you with the support that you need. All packages are equipped with premier customer support. Their bookkeeping and tax services also include financial solutions such as reconciling business bank accounts, compiling the monthly expenses, payroll services, balancing budgets and audit services.

We are currently in tax season. Gathering all tax information and making sure that every expense is accounted for, can be an overwhelming especially if you are a new entrepreneur. With the IRS extending the tax deadline to May 17, 2021, it’s imperative to file your federal tax return as soon as possible. Get the professional help you need. Not only with tax preparation but also creating a plan to tackle debt and back taxes a safe, strategic and effective way. A tax professional at Figeroux Bookkeeping Services can assist you, even VIRTUALLY.

Black-owned. Woman-owned. A Business You Can Trust.

Chantal Figeroux is the owner of Figeroux Bookkeeping Services, LLC. This is a black woman owned bookkeeping firm located in Brooklyn, New York. It has been in operation for almost a decade and is a BBB accredited business. The glowing testimonials from numerous clients highlight exactly why they are a mainstay. Their level of knowledgeable solutions, dependability and professionalism are unmatched. Chantal has a knack for customizing her services for each client, leaving them satisfied with the outcome and loyal to her impeccable services. We highly recommend this service because when it comes to your business and personal finances, you need someone who is honest, stays updated with new tax laws and regulations, and someone who can perform audits that will protect and secure your financial future.

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Let Figeroux Bookkeeping Services manage your numbers and contribute to the success and stability of your business. Bookkeeping, accounting and taxes are essential to keeping your business in business. You can book an appointment online or call 347-898-4945 schedule a consultation.

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