Brilliant You Denim: Introducing the New Denim Skirt Collection

By now all trendsetters and fashionistas are aware those jean skirts we used to wear a decade ago are now making a comeback. First spotted in the 1970s, we are seeing this trend back on our streets, becoming the great ally of trendy looks. What we love the most about denim skirts is their versatility – a clothing item that can be worn with anything, creating a host of different looks, from casual to flirty to smart.

Perfect for summer and fall, denim skirts are the preferred alternative to jeans, offering more freedom to move around, especially during the warmer months. With all this in mind, Brilliant You Denim recently launched their new denim skirt collection adding some variety to their wide range of classic denim jeans.

Newly Launched Denim Skirts

As a way of expanding their already staple collection, we’re exciting to delve into their new line of denim skirt designs. Perfectly worn in professional or relaxed settings, their modern styles of the denim skirts can easily be classed as wardrobe essentials.

From the extra-long straight cut skirt to the straight cut short classic, there is something for all denim skirt lovers in the new collection. Many appreciate the outer-thigh enhancements that are incorporated into the skirt seam to increase comfort and fit all body shapes. Available in Dark Indigo Blue or Autumn Blue, whichever color and style you go for you’ll experience exceptional comfort ideal for traveling, weight fluctuation, and everyday lifestyle use.

The Straight Cut Ex Long Classic Skirt is made for comfort and fits all body shapes. You can dress up for events and dress down for a busy day out not to mention add some fun fashion flare with additional select fabrics.

The Straight Cut Long Classic Skirt is liken to a modern denim midi – not too long, not too short and cute to wear at all times. Available in mid rise and high rise options, you can customize this skirt to fit your style.

The sassy knee length straight cut denim skirt screams forever young, comfort and fun. This flexible design is trendy and a first choice across all ages.

The Straight Cut Short denim skirt is undoubtedly a ‘WOW’ vibes! This super cute customizable mini is perfect for date night or a fun time out with the girls.

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Brilliant You Denim is the first black female owned jeans manufacturer in the USA. Through their company philosophy they focus on the development, manufacturing and shipment of their clothing, helping to rebuild manufacturing in America. With a facility in Greensboro, North Carolina, they have been able to craft innovative denim jeans that conform to unique body shapes, increasing comfort and fit throughout the day.

What is unique about Brilliant You Denim is their ability to personalize the jeans to their customers’ desired tastes through a number of enhancement options, as well as front pocket linings choices.

Allow your love for denim to reflect your personality with a new skirt by Brilliant You Denim. Show off your new style whether you’re getting dressed up for the evening or heading out for a casual gathering. Shop Brilliant You Denim today.

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