Choosing the Right Online School for Your Virtual Learner

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Online schooling also known as virtual education, digital learning, and e-learning, is a trend that has quickly taken the world by storm due to safety precautions brought on by COVID-19. A year has passed since the emergence of the deadly pandemic yet some parents are still torn between sending their kids to an in-person classroom versus opting for online instruction. However, there are far more benefits of a virtual school as opposed to a traditional in-person school – especially during times of unexpected change, crisis and pandemics.

While online learning is new to most families, American High School (AHS) has always been ahead of the curve and began laying the foundation to a strong virtual learning experience when it was founded and established in 2004. AHS is a virtual K-12 school that offers high quality, interactive courses for students all across the globe which is why we recommend AHS as one of the premier virtual schools for students of all ages.

Reputable and Highly Accredited

American High School is one of the top virtual schools available to U.S. and international students. AHS is fully accredited by leading accreditation agencies, including COGNIA, formerly, AdvancED (U.S. Dept of Education approved Accrediting Agency). So rest assured that your child’s online education is valued, recognized and acknowledged by colleges and employers.

Diverse Curriculum for All Students

It’s important for students to be well-rounded and schools play a major part in our children’s overall development. Since its founding, over 14,000 students have enrolled at AHS and excelled in over 350 different course offerings. AHS caters to all types of students and specifically tailors its curriculum for each student to ensure the cultivation of every student’s academic needs. From computer science for elementary students to Honors/AP classes and Virtual Reality courses in Forensics and Crime Scene investigation for high schoolers, the curriculum and unique course offerings AHS have to offer are unmatched. American High School helps pave the way for students to have a bright future.

The benefits of an online education at American High School seem never-ending, but in addition to providing a K-12 education, AHS also offers an online American High School Adult Learner Diploma Program. American High School is committed to secondary education for all student learning types.

Core Values

You would think a top tier school like AHS would be expensive, but on the contrary, it is one of the most affordable online schools available. The school’s priority and values are not rooted in money. They care about education, students and their overall development.

AHS’s core values include integrity, responsibility, excellence, independence, and respect. AHS empowers students to learn to govern themselves and bestows the responsibility of completing assignments without constant monitoring. Students gain valuable leadership skills that enable them to be independent thinker and self-starters.

Engaged Learning

An ideal learning experience looks exactly like what American High School has to offer. From a flexible learning schedule to innovative learning tools, AHS understands that a simple education is not enough to support the future leaders of the world which is why they create technology-based, interactive learning experiences for their students.

If you’re wondering whether online school is right for your kid, your schedule, your budget and standards of excellence, then think no further. The answer is YES, an online education is the perfect choice. We recommend American High School for elementary, middle and high schoolers because AHS over-performs, outshines and exceeds expectations.

Visit their website to enroll your student and read the blog to learn more about the unique stories of the school’s students and what student life is like.

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