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No one like to really discuss money or finances but these topics of very important for both entrepreneurs and everyday individuals. The fact of the matter is there is a large proportion of Black men and woman who admittedly struggle when it comes to money management and many within our community didn’t receive enough wisdom and guidance on how to properly manage finances let properly manage funds to maintain or grow a business. We now live in a very fast paced world and if you are like most people, it is important to surround yourself with qualified individuals that can assist you with aspects of your life and business that you may not be the best at.

The Thomas Financial Group consists of specialists who provides services and advise customers on which financial services and products best fit their needs. It is important to be advised by individuals who cares about the longevity of your business and your financial stability.

The Thomas Financial Group offers assistance to small businesses to individuals interested in credit repair, funding, personal loans and more.

Credit Repair

Your credit rating plays an essential part in your financial planning strategy and personal goals.   Having a solid credit score affects more than your capacity to apply for a home loan or buy a vehicle. It additionally impacts your long-term retirement planning objectives. Credit repair requires patience and consistency but the end result is worth it. Contact Thomas Financial Group to discuss credit repair services.

Small Business Funding

Many entrepreneurs may not know that they are spending in specific areas of their businesses.  Thomas Financial Group can assess your business funds and connect you with funding, investment or business loan programs so you can hiring more workers, exploring new market strategies, deliver new products, or offering employee raises. Get the capital you need today.

Personal Loans

Entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones who need financial assistance. Individuals, especially those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, are also in need of help. The Thomas Financial Group can connect consumer with resources to apply for personal loans to help keep themselves afloat.

Get Financial Clarity

Are you are prepared and ready to work with a financial advisor? Whether you have limited resources or you’re interested in building for the future, Thomas Financial Group may be able to provide you with direction so you can hire employees, explore new market strategies, deliver new products, or increase employee wages.  Get the capital you need today. Contact Thomas Financial Group today.

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