12 Easy to Do Home Maintenance Checklist

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Atlanta Metro Home Inspectors is a black-owned business that inspects homes for defects and damages. Owner and certified inspector, Zevi Lacey, helps homeowners maintain their home by providing Maintenance Inspections and helps sellers prep their home to list on the market by conducting Pre-listing Inspections. He also performs Buyer Home Inspections and documents components of the home that need maintenance or replacement. 2020 has been a whirlwind and one thing everyone has come to understand is the importance of being healthy and safe. Additionally, a healthy and safe environment starts at home. A clean, well-maintained home results to fewer maintenance issues and repairs needed in the long run. You can help save potentially hundreds and thousands of dollars in repair costs by doing simple tasks such as replacing a filter or keeping your carpets clean. It’s important to always have a home maintenance checklist to ensure you keep your home in good shape. Here are some important things you should do in order to maintain your home:

  1. Clean and Replace Air Filters

Clean and fresh air circulation are important. Clogged or dirty air filters could result in damaging your home air conditioning systems. Replace or removing them and rinse wash your air filter at least once a month.

  1. Add Insulation

In the attic, walls, windows and doors – try to seal as many gaps that leak air as possible. Insulation is energy efficient. It prevents gradual damage to your home.

  1. Water Plants

First impressions are everything and the landscaping is a feature buyers analyze when searching for a home. Keeping plants, bushes and flowers watered and maintained increases your chances to get top dollar for your home.

  1. Schedule Pool Maintenance

Your pool should be professionally serviced at least once a month and personally maintained on a weekly basis. A neglected, poorly maintained pool may lead to various accidents, bacteria, and infections.

  1. Fix Bad or Dead Outlets

What the point of power outlets if they aren’t working? If you notice the outlets in your home don’t work consistently or at all, call an electrician to repair. Also, for older home, it’s important to upgrade old outlets to GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) receptacles with those “Test” and “Reset” buttons.

  1. Touch-Up Paint

It’s hard to keep walls unmarked and spotless, especially after years of wear and tear, but touch up paint can work wonders. A fresh coat of paint can make a house looks refreshed, if not brand new.

  1. Plumbing and Leaks

Regularly check for plumbing issues to identify leaks before extensive damage and costly repairs.

  1. Clean Fridge Coils

Cleaning your fridge coils is a very important, but often forgotten home maintenance necessity. It extends the life of your fridge and it’s fairly simple to clean – remove the cover and vacuum out dust and debris.

  1. Maintain Heating and Cooling Systems

Air conditioning, heating, and other types of climatic control systems work by circulating cold or hot air through your house. HVAC and furnace systems should be professionally serviced in the fall and spring. Regularly, for outdoor ac units, you can complete minor tasks to save money and extend the lifespan of your unit by safely removing debris.

  1. Clear Drains

Fix slow drains in your home before they become completely clogged. It will be better to remove the clog by using a clog remover tool rather than using a drain cleaner, which could damage your pipes.

  1. Check Windows and Walls

Prevent excess moisture and drafts from entering the home by repairing or replacing any caulking around your home windows and doors. If windows are cracked or unable to seal, they should be repaired or replaced. Check to ensure the door screens and windows are intact in so pests and insects do not enter the house.

  1. Keep Floors Vacuumed and Cleaned

Too often do homeowners forget to regularly vacuum and have the carpets cleaned. Regularly vacuuming the floors prevents dirt, dander, pet hair and contaminates from being tracked around the house. Additionally, we recommend for carpets to be clean at least every 3 months.

Maintaining your home may seem like it’s a lot of hard work but it’s worth it in the end. Whether you live in your dream home or you’re interested in selling, performing small repairs and maintenance can help prevent future disasters as well as save tons of money in damages and repairs. It’s best to contact a certified home inspector to thoroughly inspect your home and document all accessible, visible defects. Schedule an appointment with Atlanta Metro Home Inspectors and future proof your home today.

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