Hunnies Body Butter Butter: The Ultimate Eczema Cream for Soothing Dry, Itchy Skin

Are you someone that’s constantly dealing with itchy, sore skin with dry, irritated eczema patches? This frustrating skin condition that far too many people suffer from, especially within the black community, significantly impacts physical and emotional wellness. Eczema plays a large role in shaping individuals’ quality of life.  

Chances are, by now, you’ve probably tried almost every remedy around, including all the over-the-counter treatments like Cortisone and even steroid-based prescriptions promising to offer the ultimate moisture to cure your skin to no avail.

While many doctors believe that eczema and other similar skin conditions are a combination of genetics and environmental factors, which is why it affects people differently. However, many people suffer from eczema on a chronic level that requires them to avoid known triggers (food, seasonal outside environments, etc.) that cause flare-ups. While there isn’t a definite cure to eczema, there is certainly a natural, organic alternative that help relieve the debilitating, itchy symptoms associated with eczema.  

Hunnies Body Butter

The alternative happens to be a black-owned brand conscious skincare brand, Hunnies Body Butter. Deliciously decadent, that’s possibly the best way to describe this rejuvenating body butter. Crafted with an intention to cure the founder’s husband and son’s eczema and dry skin condition that left them with uncomfortable inflammation and dry patchy skin, Hunnies Body Butter was born.

The brands products are handmade and whipped to perfection using natural and organic ingredients as well essential oils. Hunnies Body Butter perfectly nourishes the skin, relieving eczema and dry skin sufferers of any discomfort and even adding a natural, beautiful glow. The luxurious cream penetrates deep into the skin making it feel soft, regenerated and left smelling incredible.

Best applied after a bath, the hydrating oils work with the natural butter to help promote skin and hair health through its regenerative properties.

Are the Butter's 100% Organic?

Yes, in fact all the butters and creams contain organic, natural and unrefined ingredients. These ingredients include Shea butter, Mango butter, Carrier oils and essentials oils. While they are all key ingredients, the Shea butter is ultimately the superfood which naturally contains vitamins A, E & F, perfect as a UV protector providing the skin with all the nutrients necessary to produce collagen. Additionally, the Mango butter contains hydrating properties for nourishing the skin.

Hunnies Body Butter is a safe brand to use as a remedy to eczema. Its organic ingredients help to hydrate, strengthen, and protect against flare-ups. 

Support Black-Owned Skincare Brands

Whether you have dry skin or not, everyone needs to stay moisturize so visit Hunnies Body Butter online to discover the right Hunnies Body Butter products for you.

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