I have found that the best way is to use diffuser jewelry. I started off years ago wearing diffuser necklaces that look like lockets with felt pads on the inside that held the smell of the oils. However, I don't like anything around my neck so I researched better ways to use essential oils without carrying around every oil that I own in my purse. And, I came across Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets and thought, "Hey, I can make those." And, here we are, today. Each bracelet has lava stones, which are porous stones that allow the oil to soak in and last for days. This has been the best way for me to experience the benefits of essential oils daily. And, I do wear my bracelets everyday! The great part is that you can scent each bracelet with a different oil if needed. If you are new to essential oils, give them a try! And, if you love essential oils like me, try these diffuser bracelets... You won't be disappointed!

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