Autumn Redding, CEO & Founder

Talented business professional with 13 years of case management and business experience.  Her passion and commitment to help others is expressed through ADQM Solutions where priority is to find YOUR solution, remove the barriers and provide ongoing treatment methods to keep you ready for change, able to adapt but never too comfortable.



We service business owners and job-seekers by taking your problem/challenges and providing a solution.  ADQM Solutions implement the needed change to make you a trendsetter while creatively solving the issue.  We change your mindset to not only continue to believe in your vision but ours as well with proven results.   We inspire and motivate access to success and achievement.


We analyze and implement strategic plans to increase profit margin, develop customer engagement, and improve workplace coordination.  We are involved in the community and virtually to expand reach and access. ADQM Solutions identified a network of small business owners to create a safe resource and support system for entrepreneurs.

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