My name is Terrence Carter Jr. I was born in Bridgeton, New Jersey.  I served in the military to support my family only to discover it wasn’t for me. My time in the military is what lead me to step out on faith and out of my comfort zone to make the decision of go after my dreams and goals. I stepped out on faith and believed in me. It was scary to do so but I didn’t allow fear to stop me. I believe the name Anointed Hands was meant to be once I finished barber school in 2014. Barbering grew into a passion of me but for a while fear and responsibility of a family kept me from being consistent in the beginning as I started. Some time later I joined the military. Fast forward to the year 2020 while on deployment I decided the military was no more and I had to do what I dreamt of doing and who I dreamt of becoming.  I told myself no matter how I have to do or no matter what I have to do the year wasn’t going to end without me having my own business. Today you are able to read part of my story on my website because I decided to do what I had to. Since I am a Christian believer I prayed to God about what I wanted and said God I no longer want to live if I can’t live out the dreams you gave me. I know you didn’t show me the things you have just for me to hate life at the moment because this military stuff isn’t working for me. God if you really love me and if your word is true then things will change for me. God forgive me for challenging you but I can’t do this no more. Amen. At the time of the prayer I wanted to give up on life. I was tired of being unhappy and the way my life was going. I grew up in the church and was told many times how Anointed I am and all the gifts I have and that one day I will use my gifts to honor God. I wanted to see those things that was spoken over my life. The name Anointed Hands came to me in a dream and I believe that God set that name apart for me even though I wasn’t first to use it. This brand was created to honor God with my gifts I was blessed with to glorify His name. Many will be believers and many won’t. May you be blessed by this brand and may it bring hope to many. Thank you for being apart of this journey and supporting my brand. Anointed Hands will be a household brand name many will come to love and support all over the world.

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