Our story starts with, well…sex toys. Like so many others I was groomed to believe sexual exploration and pre-marital sex was taboo, slutty or my favorite, a man’s game. That only pushed me to explore further. In my journey to discovery I met a lot of awesome people on a lot of late nights in a lot of sex shops. I was nervous and embarrassed but more than that I was curious and eager. I learned so much! Over time I collected a box full of all my new goodies, I called it my Bad Girl Box. I wanted to know if my friends were having the same experiences. They were, and so were a lot of their friends. Bad Girl Box was created for them, for you, to help you explore your kinks safely, confidently and comfortably. Bad Girl Box was created to help you be bad and feel good.

At Bad Girl Box we aim to seamlessly provide quality tools and products to maximize the sexual experience. We believe everyone is entitled to sexual health, liberation, exploration and empowerment with confidence and comfort.

Our mission: To help people recognize, explore, and enact their sexual desires regardless of sexual identity, gender, experience level and ability.

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