My name is Edward Mason, CEO of B.A.F.E Group, LLC which stands for BUILDING A FAMILY EMPIRE. We would like to welcome you to the launch of the BAHGS Fund Platform. Through the BAHGS Fund Platform, small accredited investors can gain access to institutional-grade real estate in prime markets through tokenization.

Our platform provides cross-border Real Estate Investing, Powered by Blockchain. Our investors get the benefit of the best of both worlds: Public market liquidity with Private market returns. The BAHGS Fund Platform makes it easy and affordable to invest small amounts into real estate assets through tokenization. Small and international investors get access to wealth-building opportunities. Real estate owners and operators get a large pool of untapped capital through tokenization. Everyone wins.

What is tokenization? Thanks to the aftermath of the global pandemic, we are facing a time when global currencies could become unstable, or even disappear entirely. There are also an incredible number of financial products out there that are not actually backed by anything, just waiting for an economic wobble to send them tumbling down. This currency situation is particularly bad if you’re looking to save.

Since currencies and high-risk financial products that are not covered by anything don’t exactly meet the requirements for a safe or smart long-term investment, let’s consider some alternatives.

One of the most common alternatives is physically holding physical assets such as gold, silver, or platinum, art, vintage cars, real estate, etc. This, however, is probably not the best solution for most people, and certainly not in large quantities. At best, it’s wildly impractical; at worst, it’s a massive security risk. This practical, physical problem is where Tokenization can help.

With the help of blockchain technology, large amounts of digital values, or tokens, ​can finally be stored safely and practically in one place, because all it takes is a digital key to secure them.

Tokens are a digital representation of real values, primarily in small fractions. This ability to divide an asset into digital pieces is called fractionalization. Tokens can represent just about anything that has value, and all without the practicality issues of storing and securing the physical asset itself.

Now, gold or silver, in single bars or even still in the mine, can be directly owned in digital pieces, and therefore traded or borrowed against, by multiple people. You could even tokenize the deed to that very mine, so that each owner can share in the revenue. Paintings, cars, shipping container homes can all be tokenized into digital pieces.

Our current goal is to build 1,080 affordable shipping container homes in the next 48 months. We build affordable homes from repurposed shipping containers. Our current home models range in size from 320–5,400 sq ft. Our primary focus is building single family, multi-family and mixed use properties in Qualified Opportunity Zones across the USA.

These homes have many distinct advantages over traditional stick built homes. They are:

  • ECO Friendly
  • Fire / Earthquake / Hurricane and Pest resistant
  • Durable, Cost-effective and customizable
  • 30–60 Day completion time (depending on size)
  • Optional greywater systems and solar panel roofing for rural areas

This unique opportunity is offered under Regulation D, 506(c) to accredited investors only. We offer investors with capital gains funds, the chance to make a social impact with their investments and a 0% capital gains liability upon disposition. The longer you hold your investment, the greater the return.

  • 10 years 100% capital gains discount upon disposition
  • 7 years 15% capital gains discount upon disposition
  • 5 years 10% capital gains discount upon disposition

During the initial 10 year holding period, it is our intention, after operating expenses, to:

  • Allocate a portion of profits to a participating whole life policy wrapped in an irrevocable trust.
  • Allocate 18–28% of Net Operating Income quarterly to token holders.

It is our belief, should another crisis like COVID-19 befall America, this trust could cover all operating expenses, rental/lease incomes and still make dividend payments to investors. As well as, create a floor for all of our residents. Our residents will have protection against eviction or homelessness due to a catastrophic event. Allowing our residents an opportunity to regain their financial footing and gradually catch up on their defaulted rental/lease payments.

A portion of the properties we build will be earmarked for our OVAL (Our Veterans Are Loved) and BOOTS (Building Our Own Trade Schools) programs. One program targets homeless veterans and their families, while the other targets 2nd chance felons and at risk youth. For more on these programs please visit

To view more about this exciting offering we are bringing to market, access our platform by visiting for detailed information.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help propel the BAHGS Fund platform to the next level.

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  • July 20, 2023 12:50 pm local time

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