A self-taught and accomplished professional in various trades and systems, Cue Reaves studied Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques (QHHT), produced and influenced by Dolores Cannon. He started well on this path as it demands a keen ability to visualize.

As a Subconscious Specialist, he discovered a more empathetic part of transitional healing. He was most satisfied for stumbling upon his true calling as it involved healing on a deeper level, renewing their entire body.  Always having a knack for helping people, Cue’s whole career cuts across diverse levels of transitioning people.

While still advancing various healing techniques, he has served as a public speaker and motivator for all age groups in several locations. He derives great joy in making truth apparent to people who are willing to embrace it.  Also, he is widely recognized and coveted as a Psychic Investigator and Subconscious Specialist/Regressionist   performing hundreds of regression sessions in his entire career years. Reaves has ample experience in tapping into these energies and helping others see more clearly to heal further what's needed. Having worked with multiple clients from all over the world housing different problems, Cue has formulated a refined and more holistic approach to helping these patients.

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