"More Than Apparel"

As people, we can be complicated, complex, difficult, and more in this world that is full of a million different personalities. We want to point fingers at the effect that others can have on our own personal lives, but the truth is that people are going to be people. There is no changing anyone else. But, there is one person that we have control over when it comes to change... and that is ourselves.

Instead of focusing on who did what, when, and why.... the focus should be on how we manage the effects of others towards us.

And, we need to be delivered from ourselves, as well, because we can think ill of ourselves at times, too. We are working on averting every negative opinion of us that is not edifying.

Delivered From People is not just a piece of clothing, but a message that we can't control people, per se, but we can control our very own reactions. We decided that we are going to live for God and who He created us to be.

Being Delivered From People is a process... one that can take some time. And we want to spread the message.

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