"Tequia Lester affectionately known as the "Partyguru " is the owner and founder of Its All You Birthdays and Events. She was dubbed as social butterfly" by her 2nd grade teacher and that was the beginning of her infectious out-going character.  As an adult working in corporate America she only blossomed more. But it wasn't until she was laid off did she spread her wings and began to fly. Being the Social Butterfly she was, she created a company that was all about the customer, thus Its All About You and Events was formed.

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    • Alexus Holloway
      December 15, 2021 at 11:25 am

      It was my first and LAST time using Tequia. We only used her because she did my cousin baby shower and wedding, so I assumed that she would do a great job with my baby shower. I am still mad about my baby shower because she charged my mother $650 for a crappy baby shower. Tequia was late for set up and arrived at the wrong address. She did not have any of my desserts or cake NOR the backdrop or right color scheme or my balloon arch. Her and husband showed up to my house looking like they had been out celebrating until 5 in the morning. When arriving to my home she thought it was acceptable to say she wanted to tell me face to face that she didn’t have my cake due to a family emergency. IT WAS UNACCEPTABLE! That is why you have a back up team if your cake girl (her daughter) couldn’t make my cake or dessert. Save your money people! She didn’t offer an apology OR a refund.

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