Welcome to Lather With Nature! We are a family run small business who enjoys making bath and body products. We started this business so that we can bring your family the bath and body products our family enjoys using so your family can enjoy. Our skin is our largest organ. It absorbs anything that you put on it into your blood stream. Why not make sure the products you use are natural! Our products are made right in our home. We enjoy making them for ourselves and can’t wait for you to enjoy them. Our soaps are made with Organic Coconut Milk instead of water. Coconut milk has a lot of nutrients that are good for the skin. We use only organic and natural products. Our butters are unrefined and organic. The oils we use are unrefined and cold processed. Our products do have fragrance oils, but we will assure you they are Phthalate Free, Formaldehyde Free, and Paraben Free. Our products will be classified as all natural. The products we use fragrance oils with, will not be 100% Natural but 99% natural.

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