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Teneshia LaFaye was at a crossroads in her late 20s. She could either leave her newspaper career to be the Cleveland Cavaliers’ dedicated writer for their NBA site during the start of LeBron James’ professional career or she could transition to business ownership to take control of her income, her time and her future. At the time, Teneshia discovered that she wouldn’t have a pension being a journalist and that most people who start working at age 21 are either dead or dead broke by age 65. She was already broke in spite of her $40,000 annual salary.
So Teneshia decided to learn about business and money management, and she stepped out and started several businesses with Darian, the son she gave birth to in high school so that she could create a better life for him, 12 at the time, and her youngest son Dominick, who was a newborn. Fast forward a little over a decade, Teneshia and her oldest son, now 25, have built a very successful health insurance agency to each earn multiple six figures.
Known as Miss Money Sense on social media, Teneshia has published two money management books, What My Mom Taught Me About Money (for pre teens and teens) and Mom’s Money Lessons (for teens to adults). She hosts weekly financial literacy workshops. She coaches people who want to transition from employee to business owner as part of her #100jobfree movement. Plus, she teaches how to build good credit.
Teneshia LaFaye was born and raised in Jacksonville. Her mom was a pioneer in the hair industry. Her father is a reknowned orthopedic surgeon. She is married to a veteran of the U.S. Navy and Army, and they enjoy traveling together every other month because they are both jobfree, which Teneshia wishes for everybody in order to enjoy time and financial freedom.

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