Chanel Moore, formally known as Nelly, cannot be put in a box. She's an entrepreneur, health influencer, writer, and scholar, among other things. Her Grandmother who was the first entrepreneur in the family, motivated her to be educated and successful. As a result of the motivation, she graduated with her B.A. in Justice Studies & M.A. in Urban Community Studies.

After struggling to become healthy, she realized a plant based lifestyle is apart of her purpose. Once she started an plant based lifestyle, she became more powerful and lost over 40 pounds in four months. The powerful feeling encouraged her to start a brand centered on health, literature, fashion, and beauty.

Chanel started to use her talents and skills to bring her vision to life. She took all her experiences and struggles in weight loss to write a e-book to inspire millions. I never knew how far I could push to lose weight. I transformed my mind and body to be my higher self. Now I can help people to become healthier. bodied, and fashionable.

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