As a mother of two and a Savannah native, Kenyatta Roebuck, found "Myla & Morgyn Skin Therapy For Kids" as a way to ensure natural ingredients were being used to soothe the irritable and eczema affected skin of her children. The company is named after her daughter, Myla, and son, Morgyn, who suffered from cradle cap which led to eczema in his toddler years. Although Myla was without the discomfort of those skin irritants, the ability to find a product for children that was without fragrances and harsh ingredients still became a challenge for Kenyatta.

Like most parents with children who endure the unpleasant affects of cradle cap and eczema, Kenyatta was not only frustrated, but determined to bring ease to her children. It became a mission for her to research, create a product that would benefit her children and help other children who experience the same discomfort. After months of research and years of application, Myla & Morgyn Skin Therapy For Kids was whipped into birth from a warm and loving kitchen in Savannah, GA.

Kenyatta is also an artist who believes, "Our skin is our very own canvas. Our skin is our very own work of art. We can choose to paint it with artificial mediums that will fade over time or we can blend it with the very elements of this Earth and watch it radiate with time."

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