We strive every day to create hand-poured candles that align with significant moods and moments that can occur in everyday life.

The O.G.s

  • Sacred Space Candle - Protect your energy at all costs. It's been said that this candle smells like "inner peace" and is great for your yoga and meditation sessions if you're into those kinds of things.
  • Camping Candle - Close the laptop and step outside. Take time to experience the peace of nature whether on a solo trip or with friends. This Camping Candle, which is scented with saffron, sandalwood, and cedar, is a reminder of how spending time outdoors can create clarity.
  • Clean House Candle- Freshen up your living space with this clean house candle. It's great if you want to set the mood after you've finished cleaning or hide an unpleasant odor. It's your life, no judgment.
  • MMM Yeah Candle- After you take off the lid and inhale the mix of Egyptian amber, cedarwood vanilla, and caramel tobacco, you'll understand how this candle got its name.



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