Hello amazing, parents/guardians and students. My name is Patrice Crooms, and I have been an educator for over 12 years with various school districts in the sunshine state of Florida. However, I have had the opportunity to impact student achievement across the country via my online tutoring services. Ironically, at the tender age of 8, while in the 2nd grade, I started tutoring kindergarten and 1st grade students in reading and math at my elementary school in Jacksonville, Florida, but never thought in a million years I was developing skills and expertise to pursue my calling. Well it is over 25 years later, and I am still here and loving every minute of it. I specialize in assisting students who are struggling to grasp and retain information as well as those looking for a challenge in the areas of reading and math with research-based learning strategies. I have found that the best formula for student success is first building confidence and empowering students to own their learning through facilitating explicit instruction and providing opportunities for them to think critically and present their thoughts. With this formula, parents have raved about how their child is now in tune with self-identifying areas they need support and feel comfortable asking questions as well as advocating for themselves to ensure their needs are met.


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