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Well hello there! I’m Jessica Proffit, a hard working mom who has finally seen the light! After almost 14 years of working in the corporate world, I’ve realized that work doesn’t have to feel like work. Oh, I’m definitely not naïve to the hard work that entrepreneurs put in but, the joy of not having to clock in makes it all worth it. I’m excited to take all the skills I’ve gained in the professional world and apply it to entrepreneurs in need of assistance. What kind? I’m glad you asked!

While working for big corporations, the one thing that remained constant to ensure success was...ORGANIZATION! When vital information falls through tiny cracks, it makes a big difference. So, I offer brands the safety of organization. I fly in with my cape made out of colorful folders with a wand made out of paper clips to save the day, only now I do it virtually.

That’s right, I’m a virtual assistant! I can keep your brand running like a well-oiled machine and still have dinner on the table by 7pm with plenty of time to tuck my little ones in, and plan the next date night with my Hubby. Being married for 8 years requires a little planning ahead and watching the sun set over the Savannah River sounds like a great date...I’ll pencil that in later.

Yes, I can perform my technical data skills, create insightful slides for presentations, and set up social media accounts but, most of all, I’ll be your watchful bestie making sure that your brand is well represented and, of course, well organized. So here I am! Ready to change the world one lovely checklist at a time!

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