There are people who love smoothies because of their creaminess and flavor and then there are people who dig the refreshing taste. We have them both.

The brand of Smooth-N-Groove is surely a champion in dishing out some of the yummiest smoothies that are offered in universities and offices, besides even offering through Mobile apps. The firm is surely going places with surging numbers of fans aka Smoothiegang.
Children and adults alike love the fresh smoothies that are whipped out for them. Since the name is Smooth-n-Groove, Keon Davis clearly wants the buyers to drink and dance. Hence, the names of all the products under these categories are named in dance forms. Check out few of the most famous drinks here:
• N-Ergizers: Cha-Cha, Zumba, Soultrain, Electric Slide, Roger Rabbit and more
• Big n Built: Bossa Nova, Flex, The Whip, Peanut Butter Jelly and more
• Slim n Trim: Quickstep, Flamenco, Foxtrot, Hustle and more
• Sweet n Low: Hula, Mambo, Macarena, Tango and more
These smoothies are perfect for the people who want to get energized after working out at the gym.
Keon Davis had since his childhood grown loving smoothies and taking inspiration from another brand, had set up the business of Smooth-N-Groove.
His accomplishments came in when he had his Mobile food truck set up at prominent locations across Auburn, Alabama. It was an old Frito-Lay truck that was outfitted with freezer and other necessities and placed in the Auburn University Campus. This year, the company raked in $800,000 profit and aims to reach $1.3 million thanks to the supreme marketing skills of Keon Davis. He plans to expand the merchandising wing of the brand and make it a household name too.



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