The S. Kollection, LLC was established in 2020 by Michelle the Owner & Creator from the beautiful state of South Carolina. The S. Kollection will showcase a variety of classy and unique accessories. We take pride in each piece providing quality accessories.

Sophisticated, Simple and Stylish is our motto.

Why is this our motto? I'm glad you asked! It originated from the thought that everyone defines beauty differently so being you is key. The S. Kollection was built on just that 1. the mindset of believing beauty doesn't have one set definition 2. encouraging you to realize beauty comes from within and 3. to help others push beyond any beauty insecurities.

The S. Kollection creates beauty through Sophisticated, Simple and Stylish accessories. When all else fails accessories reflect your mood, can boost your self esteem and help create your personality.

After personally struggling with what beauty meant to me, What I only believed about myself is when the magic began and my inner beauty blossomed.

The first step is to BELIEVE!

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    • Bray-Lynn
      January 20, 2021 at 12:07 am

      Great quality earrings!

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