Young Women of Destiny, LLC empower women by helping them discover their purpose and making them realize how much He loves them. We have programs to support ladies of all ages to fulfill their dreams and live a harmonious life with faith in God. We also help them develop skills and improve their talents through several events and projects. Learn more about our services below.


Here are some programs and events we conduct to support our mission of helping women:

Outreach Programs
Project H.O.P.E (Helping Other People through life’s Experiences)
Women Support Group
Loud Silence Education and Prevention
We serve areas in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. Register now to help ladies achieve their dreams!


About Me

Young Women of Destiny (YWOD) was inspired in early May 2009. Lenicia Smith was 22 when she saw a need for a ministry that catered to the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs of women ages 18-30. YWOD was founded with the purpose of connecting women through networking by way of personal ministries, businesses, and outreach projects. YWOD was also intended to serve as an overall support system for young women.



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