What is SEO? Why is SEO Important?

Search engine optimization is the is the process of increasing website traffic from your target audience by strategic tactics that help your rank on search engines, most importantly Google. SEO is a form of organic marketing not paid marketing so it is much more cost efficient and profitable in the long term. While SEO may seem complicated, there are many do it yourself tactics and strategies you can implement to increase your SEO and gain visibility on Google. Our team has created a best-selling DIY SEO Guide for Beginners to help your learn SEO or book a call with our team today. You don’t need to be an expert to start winning in SEO, you just need time and patience. Cut back on ad spend and focus on your online presence.

How to Increase SEO

Business Directories
Press Releases
Image Tagging


On-Page & Technical

Content Stratgey

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SEO Resources and Services for Small Black Businesses

  • How to Learn SEO DIY Bundle

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  • Ultimate DIY SEO Guide for Beginners

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  • Website + SEO Audit

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  • Write a Blog Article

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  • Write a Press Release

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  • Full Site SEO Optimization

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  • Write a Press Release & Black News Distribution

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  • Write a Press Release & Nationwide Distribution

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