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A wardrobe is incomplete without at least 1 or 2 pairs of your favorite denim jeans. It would be nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t own a pair. The denim jean is a fashion staple and with so many different styles and types of fit, jeans are a trend that will never go away.

Daring, Different and Unique

Brilliant You Denim has reinvented this fashion classic by designing and manufacturing jeans for men and women that have a subtle stretch, the right fit, a quality feel and the perfect look. This Greensboro, NC based brand made history and broke through barriers as the first black-owned woman-owned jeans manufacturing company in the United States. Brilliant You Denim manufactures high-quality, beautifully constructed jeans sold in-store and online. Their artistic, chic design aesthetic and intricate stitching techniques compliment silhouettes of all shapes and sizes.

Dress up and wow the crowd on a night out with friends or slip on something comfy but fashionable to run errands during the day. Brilliant You Denim apparel is versatile enough to be worn for any occasion.

A Jean We Need

Brilliant You Denim has a patented enhancement concept that empowers semi-custom designed denim jeans that are classy and fitted, yet still more comfortable and flattering than the average jean. Meticulous attention to detail with focus on versatility, tailoring and easy-to-wear are the reasons why customers can’t stop shopping at Brilliant You Denim.

A jeans shouldn’t make you feel frumpy. It shouldn’t suffocate you either. A jeans should make you feel and look good. Whether you decide to go with a more fitted, tailored or loose cut, each jean is designed to conform to your body to give you a custom designed jean experience.

Support Black-Owned Business

As a black-owned business, Brilliant You Denim promises its customers high-quality apparel that exceeds the quality and value of jeans sold by larger, global fashion brands. Brilliant You Denim is committed to building the manufacturing sector in America. Owner and Founder, Terry Davis’ entire end-to-end operation from product development, production, suppliers, shipping and receiving is American based. Furthermore, her dedicated, talented and innovative product development team continues to exceed fashion industry standards of perfect tailoring, flawless construction and using durable material for each product.

The Brilliant You Denim collection is fused with a fun, upscale assortment of material like stretched velvet, animal prints, camouflage, or denim washes. Brilliant You Denim definitely knows how to make a statement and will continue to thrive as a fashion forward, influential in-store and online apparel retailer. Brilliant You Denim is a black-owned fashion brand that you need to support.

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