Say It All with Fun, Customized Twisted Teez Clothing

Fun and expressive fashion will always be trendy, in-style and socially appropriate. Twisted Teez is a leading custom designed, slogan-based brand. It is a black woman and veteran owned family business that’s growing at an unprecedented rate. The fashion brand imprints inspirational quotes, witty phrases and cultural references on high-quality shirts, hoodies, accessories and more. With a mission to offer affordable custom designed clothing for the entire family, the brand provides the opportunity for individuals to express themselves fashionably and comfortably.

Express Yourself

They say a picture is worth a thousand, and so is your wardrobe. There’s no better way to express yourself than through the clothes that you wear. Whether it’s a stylish custom designed t-shirt or an oversized sweater, clothing designs have a special way of showing an individual’s personality, emotions or attitude towards life, a specific topic or political expression.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have so much to say but don’t know how to express it? With a collection of fashion forward designs at Twisted Teez, you can easily find the best item or outfit that perfectly reflects your personality. From fun bright colored loungewear that lifts your spirits high to fun, expressive t-shirts with statement slogans for you to get your point across, all without saying a word.

Let’s take a look at some of our top picks you can find at Twisted Teez…

Stay Humble Hustle Hard

Stay cozy yet stylish with this cotton custom designed hoodie featuring a bold quote we just love! This hoodie is a great item to treat yourself with, while showing the world what you represent. This is the perfect gift for the ‘humble hustlers’ in your life. Shop hoodies.

Melanin Pride

Bringing blackness, culture, and fashion to the forefront, the Twisted Teez ‘Melanin Pride’ collection offers the inspiration and serves up clean, flawless style. From the ‘Blackety Black’ t-shirt that will make a statement even at first glance to the ‘Being Black is Not a Crime’ unisex t-shirt that empowers men and women to continue protesting for justice, equality and peace. Shop the Melanin Pride collection.

Pops of Color

Bring on the fun! We all know that looking at bright, pops of color releases the “feel-good hormone” known as dopamine, which instantly improves our mood. Well, what if we were to kick off our day by wearing fun expressive outfits featuring these bright dopamine colors? Twisted Teez makes this possible with a wide range of bright clothing bound to give you a boost of energy. Shop loungewear.

Support Black Business

Twisted Teez is a bold black-woman owned business. Founder Trinika Anderson, has turned her passion into purpose by creating a fashion platform that motivates, inspires, evokes emotion and humors its consumers. T-shirts and sweaters are everyday staple clothing pieces that we can’t get enough of, mainly because of how versatile they are. While fashion trends come and go, you can’t go wrong with a well-fitted custom designed t-shirt, pajamas or comfy sweater. Head over to Twisted Teez and grab yourself a fun and expressive piece to lift your mood, brighten your spirits, and outwardly express yourself without having to say a word.

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