She Will Be Heard – She is Merch, Black Women-Owned T-Shirt Brand

Over the years, fashion has played an integral part in breaking gender boundaries and is often used as a tool to propagate feminism and celebrate the beauty of womanhood.

Global celebratory dates such as International Women’s Day has always given the world a chance to applaud the achievements of women and shine a light on the growing female empowerment movement. However, we know the spotlight shouldn’t only shine on this one specific day. Women should be celebrated every single day and that idea is exactly what black female founders, Cree & Reeka have been challenging and pushing for since the launch of their feminist apparel brand She is Merch.

Feminism & Fashion

While bold statements have been essential to feminism for a long time, blending this with fashion and our everyday clothing style has played an even bigger role, allowing people to reflect their own creative interpretation on gender equality, female appreciation and the black woman.

Founders Cree & Reeka played around with this idea and dedicated their time to filling a large gap in the market that allows fashion to celebrate a ‘female queen’s professional strengths, while also honoring her sensuality.’ As two black powerful women themselves, they have become too familiar with the ongoing challenges often thrown at them by societal stereotypes. Through a growing collection of sartorial statement pieces, She Is Merch was born from the desire to have an apparel line that embraces everything that a woman is which is whoever and whatever she wants to be.

She is Merch’s Collections

Echoing the feminist spirit, the collection features a range of t-shirts, hoodies and accessories, including notebooks and mugs all of which display a bold statement starting with ‘She is’. As described by the founders, ‘Women are multi-faceted, we’re strong, we’re soft, we’re professionals, we’re educated, we cry, we laugh, we’re sensual, we’re modest… but mostly… we just want to be free to be ourselves… whoever that is.’ With this in mind, women can choose the ‘She is…’ statement that best represents them.

Our top favorites are:

She’s an Entrepreneur

Perfect for the goal-setting women who are running their own business while juggling their personal life. The She’s an Entrepreneur collection is perfect for the boss women who aren’t afraid to forge their own path to success and prosperity.

She’s Melanated

Inspiring women of color to embrace their skin and love what it means to be black. Whether they’re a caramel, chocolate or dark chocolate, all skin tones are beautiful and their collection is a reminder and celebration of just that. Shop their looks and merchandise and start embracing your melanin today.

She’s a Believer

Whatever it is that one believes in, this collection of statement t-shirts and accessories offers the ultimate motivation. The most important being self-belief because when a woman believes in herself and what she is capable of, then anything is possible. Check out the She’s a Believer Collection.

Your New Favorite Black-Women Owned Empowerment T-Shirt Brand

We all share the desire to be heard, represented, acknowledged, and appreciated, and the She is Merch brand is doing so much for women all around the world. They help women look as powerful as they are. Check out their website and discover the perfect statement that fully represents you. Join the movement to celebrate a world where a woman does not have to apologize for being who She Is. Get your merch today!

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