How Creative Devs Uses Video to Increase Social Media Engagement

When it comes to social media and online marketing, small business owners and marketers are always exploring new ways to increase engagement to help improve sales. And as Instagram and Facebook algorithms continue to encourage users to utilize video, it’s imperative for entrepreneurs to use creative media strategies to drive engagement and brand awareness.  Every business owner should integrate video into their social media strategy and Creative Devs is the ideal BIPOC centered design and web marketing agency to create videos that tell intriguing stories about your brand.

Video Content Drives Conversions

It’s easy to overlook video as a simple distraction, but the reality is the video is incredibly effective at getting consumers to take action to buy a product or service. Video enables a potential buyer to get a better understanding of a product or service than a simple image or sales copy ever could. Creative Devs is skilled in video design strategy. They create videos that amplify brands while still making consumers the heroes of the story providing solutions to challenges they face which results in conversion. Video allows consumers to feel connected and when you can connect the dots for your target audience then you can turn an Instagram user into a customer.

Unique Storytelling

Storytelling is a big part of a brand’s overall image and Creative Devs shows off their unique voice in incredibly compelling, diverse, inclusive, and culturally relevant ways through their video designs. Customers can get a better understanding of their design capabilities and commitment to BIPOC and social causes through their Instagram videos. Their combination of style and substance separates their agency from all others as being truly unique and their clients especially appreciate their ability to convey their brand stories.

Video Leaves Your Audience Wanting More

The ultimate goal of engagement is to turn a lukewarm or transactional customer into a genuine fan. Social media users want to see more videos from their favorite brands and businesses. Creative Devs creates video content for their clients that not only engages and converts, but also leaves potential customers wanting more and feeling excited about subscribing to their brand. The Creative Devs team transforms “content” into something far more meaningful.

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Video is an incredible marketing tactic to build engagement for a brand on both social media and on websites. When done right, it allows for a form of storytelling that is simply unmatched and transforms leads into customers and customers into fans. Check out Creative Devs’ animation and motion graphics skills or live action video editing for social media and contact their team to discover you can increase your brand’s engagement with video.

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