Your One-Stop Shop Online Christmas Shop for Black-Owned Businesses

‘Tis the season to be jolly! With Christmas around the corner, you must be looking for places to shop from. What’s better than a platform where you get access to several businesses selling their products all in one place? Urban Marketplace is the ideal shop for you. It provides a platform for black-owned businesses to help them reach a wider customer base. Urban Marketplace is an online business that supports Black-owned small businesses. They offer direct access to businesses that offer shopping categories starting from accessories, beauty, books, food, clothing, and health. Some of the notable black-owned brands selling their products on the website are Lilli’s of Charleston, Nature Loves You Skincare, Oh Mazing Granola, and many others.

Let us look at some of the shopping categories that can be found on Urban Marketplace.


Several black-owned brands sell some beautifully designed clothing on the Urban Marketplace website. This includes a range of casual t-shirts by ‘That’s So Cute Gifts And Creations’ with fun tag lines like- Very Black, Melanin Made, Dope Black Dad, etc. Brands like Wormwear sell T-shirts with community focused taglines while there are also brands like Nikki and Alex Plus Size that design plus super cute and trendy tops.

Books and Gifts

Urban Marketplace has a range of books available that will make for some of the best gifts for your children. There are coloring books by brands like The Mighty Squad. One of the books is called ‘The Mighty Squad: Careers A-Z’ which is not just filled with drawings to color but it is also educational as it will teach your children about many different type of careers. Another book called ‘The Mighty Squad: Feelings A-Z’ is yet again an extremely engaging coloring book that teaches children to stay in touch with their feelings.

Food and Drinks

Another popular category of black-owned products that is food and drinks. You will find all sorts of foods and drinks such as vanilla sugar cubes by Teaspresso, sweet potato biscuit mix by Trade Street Jam Co., the ‘Low Country Loco’ hot sauce by Lilli’s of Charleston, granola snacks by Oh Mazing Granola, and a variety of flavors of jam.

Buy Black at Urban Marketplace

There are many categories of products available on  Urban Marketplace. We take immense pride in providing a forum where black-owned businesses can flourish and become successful by selling quality products. If you’re wondering what to get your loved ones, head over to Urban Marketplace online and buy black.

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